All Natural

Handmade with only the finest 100% natural hemp ingredients. Terpendoids, phytocannabinoids and flavonoids are compaounds in the cannabis plant that naturally interact with the nervous and immune system in animals.

Cruelty Free

No animals have ever been harmed in any testing or product development. Likewise, no animal has ever been harmed by taking PrimeLife for pets. We developed this product because of our love for animals. PrimeLife is a 100% cruelty free, non-GMO, organic and vegan product aimed to improve the vitality and life of your pet.

Vet Recommended

Developed in collaboration of veterinarians, scientists and botanists specifically for domestic pets, PrimeLife is the result of years of research to develop the optimal CBD rich hemp oil pet supplement.

PrimeLife™ is available in all 50 states with no authorizations or prescriptions required. PrimeLife™ for pets is not a pharmaceutical. Instead we offer you the availability of a natural, hemp-based supplement you can administer with confidence.

PrimeLife for pets gives you the ability to administer the natural healing and beneficial properties of the hemp plant to your furry friend. We take no shortcuts here at PrimeLife and offer only pure hemp oil extract derived from industrial grade hemp fields. This one-of-a-kind product is now available and in-stock for purchase.

Industrial Hemp

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occuring compound within hemp, rich in beneficial traits. There are no adverse side effects, and your pet will not experience any “high”. The only documented reactions are mild sedation.

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“I started giving these capsules to my dog and her seizures have greatly decreased. I even see a younger dog every time I look at her. Thank you!”
Pat Conroy
“The magic of CBD. I’ve seen a noticeably softer and shinier coat on my dog after giving him this supplement. Keep it going.”
Heather Spade


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